Free Public Workshop: Fundraising for Startups

Funding your startup doesn’t need to be hard. 

I do a lot of teaching about fundraising for startups in startup programs like Innosuisse Training programs, Swiss Innovation Challenge, Founder Institute, and others.

The course provides unbiased ideas and guidelines on how to approach fundraising, which routes to choose and how to do this in an efficient way. It covers Venture Capital, Business Angels, Foundations, Grants and Competitions, Bootstrapping, FFF, Venture Client, Strategic Investors, and several other instruments.

Since I see that many people struggle with fundraising and not everybody has access to these programs, I provide a one-hour workshop for everyone who’s interested. This workshop is free. It consists of a 45 minute introduction to fundraising for startups and 15 minutes Q&A.

The dates will be published on LinkedIn on the page of janfuelscher.ch and in my personal feed.